About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my
I am Esther Dua, from India and I
am pursuing bachelors in
technology degree in Food
science and technology.
It was only a couple of months
ago that I realised my love for
beauty and fashion and so I
decided to start my beauty,
fashion and lifestyle blog.
All the posts are written by me
and are my personal views on
products or topics. The most
important thing is that whatever
you see is real, and it is. If there is
no connection between me and a
brand, there is no way we can
work together. Only this way I can
stay true to myself, and bring you
true inspiration everyday.
Going forward, if there is anything
you would like to see on my blog
in the future, make sure to tell
Or, if you wish to discuss a
collaboration, just email me at
business@estherdua.com .
Thanks again for reading my blog,
and I hope we will maintain our
relationship in the future!